What do we expect from 5G in the near future?

We will have high internet speed with 5G

5G is going to be the mobile technology that will accompany us for the next few years. It is more and more present and there are more and more compatible devices. Now, what is the course you are going to take? To what extent are we really going to be able to use it globally? We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to show a report on the 5G mobile network usage forecast.

In the coming years, the use of 5G will multiply by 10
It is logical to think that in the coming years 5G networks will be more and more present. We are already seeing it. If not too long ago there were few areas in which we could connect, today this has spread much more.

According to a report by Juniper Research, in 2021 we will exceed 310 million 5G connections worldwide. However, the figure will multiply by 10 in the coming years, since forecasts indicate that by 2026, in just five years, we will exceed 3,200 million users with access to this technology.

It also indicates that in the near future we will be able to see a significant increase in how mobile telephone companies worldwide begin to have more facilities to be able to cover a larger area and have coverage in many more places.

All of this needs a process of adaptation, as different parts are needed. On the one hand there is the infrastructure, what are the antennas and being able to have 5G coverage in short. But on the other hand there is the need to have compatible mobile devices. Only then can we connect.

5G networks will not have a real impact

Cheaper rates

A key point, according to the Juniper Research report, is that we are going to have lower rates in the coming years. That is, without a doubt, one of the obstacles that many users find today. Some companies globally offer 5G but at a very high price.

This will gradually decrease. Specifically, currently, on average, we pay $ 29 a month to have 5G. However, that will drop to $ 17 in 2026. Always, yes, speaking of global data. There may be big differences between one country and another.

In short, in the coming years we are going to experience an explosion in terms of the increase in available 5G networks. Little by little we are already seeing that it is more present in many countries, but this will increase until reaching the more than 3,200 million users with access to the network, according to the Juniper Research report.

Having access to high-speed mobile networks is very important and 5G is undoubtedly going to bring great changes. It will allow us to navigate with lower latency, with better coverage also indoors and with a connection comparable to broadband, but wherever we are.

So be ready for high internet speed.