What are the factors affecting internet speed?

What are the factors affecting internet speed?

Depending on the development of technology and changing day by day; The internet has also become an important part of our daily life. Internet usage is available on almost all devices, from smartphones to laptops and desktop computers used in homes and workplaces, from tablet computers to iPads and iPods. Most people do most of their work online.

It is used in schools, homes, workplaces, hospitals, factories, in short, wherever there is an active life and continues. E.g; There are thousands or even millions of people who have been “shopping online” for a long time and using this technology. Today, e-commerce, which has almost become a sector, in other words, the sale of products over the internet is carried out both by companies as institutions and individually by millions of people. It really makes life easier when used in a positive and conscious way. And it's a very useful technology. However, when used unconsciously, on the contrary, it can cause big and very difficult problems and troubles to solve. It is so heavily and actively used. It is also an important factor to get the best efficiency from the internet. So what affects the speed of the internet? What are the factors affecting internet speed?

ADSL Modem/Router performance

The performance of the modem used comes first among the factors affecting the internet speed. If the modem used is of poor quality or not very well known. If it is a modem that belongs to an unknown brand or company, its speed will decrease or decrease accordingly. Therefore; The most important issue you should pay attention to when choosing a modem should be the quality of the modem. If you do not want to experience this and similar problems, it belongs to an unknown brand. Instead of choosing products, it is useful to choose the products of well-known brands that are known by everyone by paying a little extra money. Also, by doing some research on the modem, you will buy it. It is useful to research the company information, quality, and features of the product and make a decision accordingly.

Network quality

Another important factor affecting internet speed is the quality of the phone line. Telephone cables located near our homes; It also provides access. Cables that are laid as telephone lines and whose material is copper, if they are of very thin construction. This allows cables to carry less data. In this case, thin cables are much more affected by external factors. This causes problems such as slowing the internet speed, disconnections, and interruptions in the phone line. For this reason, you should check the quality and thickness of the cables laid as telephone lines, and check whether there are problems such as damage or wear and break in the cables at regular intervals. If there is one of these problems, it would be useful to contact the company that installed the cable and request the problem to be solved.

Density in telephone exchanges

The density in the telephone exchanges is also; It is one of the important factors affecting internet speed. The intensity experienced or to be experienced in the power plants also causes a decrease in speed or disconnection from time to time.

Distance to the telephone exchange

Another factor affecting internet speed is; is the distance of your current location from the telephone exchange, that is, the distance. In ideal conditions; In the region where the devices in the center are installed, there is an ideal speed internet connection up to a distance of up to 5.5 km from the switchboard. This means 512 Kpbs. After passing this distance, problems such as slowdowns in speed or disconnection may occur.

Performance of central ADSL devices

The performance of ADSL devices in the center is another factor that affects the decrease or increase of internet speed.

Internet service provider quality

Another factor affecting internet speed is; is the quality of the service provider. Features of the internet used in homes or workplaces and the service provider company. It is closely related to both internet speed and connection quality. If your service provider; If it is a quality and reliable company, if a connection is provided from a quality product, there will be no problems easily. But if the connection is provided from the products of an unknown company, many problems may arise over time, especially the slowdown of the internet speed.

Status of computers used

Finally; The condition of computers used at home or at work is also one of the factors affecting internet speed. In cases where the computer is a very old model computer, the current system is insufficient. It may cause your speed and connection speed to decrease. For this reason, if you have the opportunity, after a certain time, it will be beneficial for you to refresh the computer or upgrade the current operating system.