Countries with the World's Fastest Internet-September 2021

Countries with the World's Fastest Internet-September 2021

Internet speed test measurement platform Speedtest has released its September 2021 internet speed report. The published data reveals that the average of broadband internet downloads worldwide is 113.25 Mbps. Here are the important statistics in the report…

Speedtest, which is one of the platforms preferred by millions of users in terms of internet speed testing, announced internet speed data for September. The data released by the platform reveals that the average download speed for broadband worldwide has reached 113.25 Mbps, while the average upload speed has reached 62.45 Mbps. When we look at the mobile internet data, the average download speed is 63.15 Mbps and the upload speed is 13.37 Mbps.

The best country in the world when it comes to broadband internet, Monaco. Because the average download speed in this country is recorded as 261.82 Mbps. The country with the highest speed in mobile internet is the United Arab Emirates. People living in the Gulf country see download speeds of 238.06 Mbps.

The countries that can offer the fastest internet in the world are as follows:

Internet speed average

You see the mobile and broadband internet September 2021 download and upload speed averages. The figure on the left shows the mobile connection and the figure on the right shows the broadband internet data.

Countries with the highest speed mobile internet:

  • United Arab Emirates (238.06 Mbps)
  • South Korea (202.61 Mbps)
  • Norway (177.72 Mbps)
  • Qatar (172.18 Mbps)
  • China (165.38Mbps)
  • Kuwait (157.18 Mbps)
  • Saudi Arabia (155.97 Mbps)
  • Cyprus (144.64 Mbps)
  • Bulgaria (142.27 Mbps)
  • Switzerland (135.70 Mbps)

Countries with the highest speed broadband internet:

  • Monaco (261.82Mbps)
  • Singapore (255.83 Mbps)
  • Hong Kong (254.70 Mbps)
  • Romania (232.17 Mbps)
  • Switzerland (229.96 Mbps)
  • Denmark (227.91 Mbps)
  • Thailand (225.17 Mbps)
  • Chile (217.60 Mbps)
  • France (214.04 Mbps)
  • South Korea (212.57 Mbps)